Emerald City Comic Con 2024

L! Concert Panel

Coming to a convention hall near you... 

Level Up! Vocal Ensemble is making our debut at Emerald City Comic Con 2024! Join us Saturday night at 5pm in Tahoma Room 3 for a special concert of video game songs in a live choir performance. Our panel will take you on a musical adventure, so you'd better bring a buddy to watch your back because... well, YOU know.

A 4-day or Saturday badge for Emerald City Comic Con will be required to attend this show. Singers will be masked during performance.

Saturday, March 2 @ 5:00 pm

Seattle Convention Center Arch Building

800 Pike Street

Seattle, WA 98101

Panel Location: Level 3, Tahoma 3

Concert Program 

Sign of Evil (aka Welcome to Hell), DOOM (2016)

Mike Gordon, arr. Kevin Vitz-Wong

Ormus, Xenosaga Episode 1: Der Wille zur Macht

Yasunori Mitsuda, arr. Julie Sakalys

We Are All Guests Upon The Land, The Banner Saga

Austin Wintory, arr. Daniel Ross

Manoria Cathedral, Chrono Trigger

Yasunori Mitsuda, arr. Star

Yo-Kai Watch Main Theme, Yo-Kai Watch

Kenichiro Saigo, arr. Isabella Cabullos

Safety in the Sanctuary, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Koji Kondo / Ryo Nagamatsu, arr. Eris Eaton

Mad Monster Mansion, Banjo-Kazooie

Grant Kirkhope, arr. Rene Barry

Piranha Plants on Parade, Super Mario Wonder

Koji Kondo, Shiho Fujii, Sayako Doi, Chisaki Shimazu; arr. starshapedwings

Yearnings of the Wind (Wind Scene), Chrono Trigger

Yasunori Mitsuda; arr. starshapedwings

Unshaken, Red Dead Redemption 2

Daniel Lanois, Rocco DeLuca, and Michael Archer; arr. Daniel Ross

Dream Aria, Genshin Impact

Yu-Peng Chen, HOYO-MiX; arr. Eris Eaton

Close in the Distance, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Masayoshi Soken / Lyrics Tom Mills; arr. Daniel Ross

Song of the Ancients (piano solo), NieR Gestalt & Replicant

Keigo Hoashi, Keiichi Okabe

Sins and Gods (Choir Version), Divinity: Original Sin II  

 Borislav Slavov, arr. Julie Sakalys, Kevin Vitz-Wong

Inferno, Promare (film)

 Hiroyuki Sawano, arr. Isabella Cabullos 

Peaches, The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Jack Black, Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic; arr. Kuppa; adapted by Stephen O'Bent