Kinokuniya 2018, photo by Justin H.


Our vision is that video game music is appreciated and enjoyed by an ever-growing community.


Our mission is to promote video game music through public performance, while building a supportive and fun community where members can level up their musicianship and share their creativity and passion.


Level Up! Vocal Ensemble operates on a shared leadership model with an all-volunteer working board. The best way to reach us is via the Contact page, and your inquiry will be routed to a board member for a response.

Current Board Members:

Eris Eaton, Errin Patton, Frank Furtado, Isabella Cabullos, Julie S., Kassey Castro, Rene Barry

Origin Story

Level Up! Vocal Ensemble started out as part of the Seattle Video Game Orchestra & Choir, founded in 2014 by Masha Lepire. The orchestra and choir ran side-by-side for six years while growing and racking up cool achievements like performing at Sakura-Con, PAX Prime, and Natsu Matsuri Outdoor Summer Festival. In February 2020 the two ensembles made the decision to split into separate parties to follow different quest chains, while still remaining collaborative for future projects and performances.

One month later COVID-19 arrived in Washington. Rather than retreat from our grand plans, we chose to roll the dice against the boss and launch a rebranded choir during a respiratory pandemic. We decided that even if we can't gather in person, we can still learn and grow while sharing music and having fun. So, in August 2020, Level Up! Vocal Ensemble officially launched to the world.

Wanna know the rest of the story? Find out by joining us (or checking back here later).